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Seamlessly Trade A System Based On Decades-Long Market Conditions

Beat The Competition

Rapid Trading Engine gives you a full day's head start over other traders out there by detecting trend changes sooner than others normally do.

Choose The Right Path

There's no trading dangerous futures or short sales and no need to constantly day trade.

Any Condition

This strategy was designed for success whether the markets go up, down or sideways...in ALL ECONOMIC CONDITIONS

Working For You

There's nothing to install, just simple, easy access from anywhere you have an internet connection and automatically updating after each trading day.

Built In Monitoring

With the provided entry, exit, stops and profit target orders, there's no more guesswork or analyzing the markets.

Take Back Control

You have the opportunity right now to make a conscious decision to change your future.

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So pleased with the program that I'm a lifetime member! I had a little experience with following options tips and your system is easy to follow.

Rick S. Everett, WA*

Rapid Trading Engine Customer Review

This has been very good experience I am very happy with the progress that Rapid Trading Engine has given me. Since I had been doing credit spreads, this is much easier for me. First I set the trade and wait 2 days and then set the exit point and then just watch like magic. Some days no trades close and other days 1 to 4 trades close. I really love this program. Thank you!

Felix G. Downey, CA*

Rapid Trading Engine Customer Review

Very happy with the Rapid Trading Engine service. Just waht I was looking for. I am averaging 1 to 2 trades a day with great results. Please keep them coming.

John W. Bridgetown, Canada*

Rapid Trading Engine Customer Review

*Disclaimer: No representation is made that you will achieve profits or the same or similar results as any person(s) providing testimonials. No representation is made that a person providing a testimonial continued to experience profitable trading after the date on which the testimonial was provided, and in fact such person may have experienced subsequent losses. Full testimonial disclaimer.

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I’m going to make this decision even easier by giving you the most generous guarantee in Profits Run history. When you buy the Rapid Trading Engine it comes with a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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I don’t have any trading experience, will this work for me?

How much money do I need to make my first trade?

What happens if the stock market goes down?

Do I have to do this at night like you did?

How does your guarantee work?